Shed-Free Glitter: All Shine, No Mess!


Diamond Pack Glitter has the texture and spectacular shine of traditional glitter, but without the mess! Our proprietary processes provide a shed-free glitter that doesn’t crack when folded, making it ideal for wraps, bags, and other attention-getting projects.

• Foldable: No cracking or chipping, no exposed white core
• Custom Colors: We’ll match your color for any project
• Custom Base sheets: Pulp dyed or white, coated or uncoated, recycled or virgin, PET or paper- you name it, we’ll put glitter on it.
• Custom Weights: Everything from lightweight text to heavy-duty paperboard
• Low MOQ’s: Minimum quantities starting at just 1,000 lbs for custom runs
• Low Pricing: With custom production prices as low as $.15/sq ft, we’re less expensive than other inferior options.

Custom options ideal for any project


Iridescent Glitter Colors


Pulp Dyed Base Sheet Glitter


Ideal for all types of packaging


Decorative Packaging and Accents


Patterned Glitter


Folding Glitter Cartons